Village Facade Improvement Program

Village property owners or business owners (with property owner consent) can receive up to a 50% reimbursement of total project costs for façade improvements. The maximum award for an approved façade improvement to a storefront visible from Big Basin Way is $5,000. Exterior improvements to storefronts in the Village Commercial District that are visible from Big Basin Way are eligible for the program. Projects range from new paint, installation of an awning, to landscaping.

Application Requirements

To receive grant money, participants must submit an application (PDF) and project proposal to the City. If the project meets necessary requirements and funding is available, then the project will be considered by the City Council Finance Committee and staff will notify the applicant if any permits or approvals need to be obtained. Façade improvements must be completed within 1 year of project approval and original receipts for all project expenses (labor, materials, etc.) are required for reimbursement. Village Façade Improvement Program funds are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Eligible Projects

  • Exterior improvements, visible from Big Basin Way
  • Painting, signage, lighting, and exterior repair projects that follow Village Design Guidelines
  • Addition of shade feature to storefronts, particularly awnings
  • Landscaping that beautifies Big Basin Way streetscape
  • Improvements that enhance design elements and architectural features, such as inlaid tile, brick, decorative cornices, enhanced doors or window treatments

Examples of Approved Projects

  • New exterior paint Installation or replacement of canvas awning
  • Improvements to sidewalk seating areas, including landscaping
  • New signage or improvements to existing signage Enhancements to doors and windows, including new trim
  • Installation of exterior planter boxes

Projects Not Eligible

Proposals for the following are not eligible:
  • Improvements that are outside of the Village Commercial District or not visible from Big Basin Way
  • Upgrades to electrical, gas, heating, or telecommunications Interior improvements, including carpet, tile, and partition walls

Additional Information

For more information, contact Christoper Riordan.