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Saratoga Safety Fair Sponsorship Application

  1. Upload sponsor logo in .ai or .eps format. Logos must be submitted by April 19, 2018.

  2. Sponsorship Agreement

    Sponsorship. I hereby agree and acknowledge that the Sponsor has not and will not receive any goods or services in exchange for the sponsorship and the City will not grant any extra consideration to the Sponsor in relation to City procurement, regulatory matters, or any other business, services, or operations of the City. I further agree the City may use the sponsorship in any manner at its sole discretion and Sponsor has no right or obligation to control City’s use of the donation. I further agree and understand that firearm information and products may not be promoted or shared at the Saratoga Safety Fair. Recognition. I hereby agree that the Sponsor will only be recognized on the Saratoga Safety Program and Map, which will be available on the City website after the Sponsorship Deadline until May 21, 2018 and available in printed format at the Saratoga Safety Fair. Use of Logo. I hereby grant to the City of Saratoga and its authorized agents and employees the right to photograph and otherwise reproduce and use the Sponsor Logo for publicity deemed appropriate by the City in connection with the Saratoga Safety Fair.

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