Code Compliance

The City's Code Compliance Program is one mechanism by which the City of Saratoga is able to maintain standards of health, safety, and high quality of life.

The Code Compliance Program operates on a complaint basis, meaning that in most cases, a complaint must be filed before City staff investigates complaints. The City will then respond to complaints of code violations and work with residents to achieve voluntary compliance before official action is taken.

Anonymous complaints are not accepted. The City recognizes that some complainants may not want their names disclosed for fear of retaliation, but the City makes no assurances that the identity of the complaining party will remain confidential.

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General Information


Signage Information for Realtors

Download the Sign Regulations for Properties Actively Marketed for Sale or Lease (PDF) or a Summary of Temporary Off-Site Sign Regulations (PDF), including information about where signs can be placed. Signs that have been placed in violation of City Code may be impounded. To retrieve signage, please stop by or call the Community Development Department during regular business hours.