Solicitor / Peddler's Permit

Any person(s), who wants to conduct business of soliciting or peddling within the boundaries of the City of Saratoga must first obtain a permit from the Community Development Department.

For additional information refer to the Saratoga Municipal Code Section Article 4-50.

Solicitor/Peddler Permit Process

  1. Submit a Live Scan Application (PDF) with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's office. (Please allow 2 weeks processing time).
  2. Apply for a Saratoga Business License (PDF).
  3. Apply for a Saratoga Solicitor Permit (PDF) or Non-Profit Permit (PDF).
  4. Schedule an appointment with Lori McKenna at 408-868-1240, or email, for a solicitor photo ID badge. (Every Thursday 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. only)
  5. Upon completion of the process and ID badge has been issued, the badge must be displayed on your person when soliciting or peddling.
Please call 408-868-1240 if you have any questions.

Sample Solicitor ID Badge

Below are images of sample ID badges for commercial solicitors. In 2019, the City issued a new badge template (second image). The older ID badges will be phased out as they expire.

ID Sample

ID Sample

New ID Sample

Solicitor ID Badge Sample - 2019