Business License

All businesses located or conducting business in Saratoga, either for-profit or non-profit, are required to get a business license from the City of Saratoga. Please submit the required application forms and use the informational materials to assist with the process.

Some, but not all, of the conditions that would require you to have a business license are:

  • You have a Fictitious Business Name certificate
  • You have a State Board of Equalization Resale Permit
  • You have a listing in the commercial directory of the Yellow Pages, Business White Pages, newspaper, local business guide, real estate multiple listing books, business website, or other similar listings
  • You have a home-based business
  • You are a construction contractor, handyman, landscaper, housecleaner, or come into the City to perform some other service
  • You have a non-profit business in Saratoga (Note: non-profits are not assessed a business license tax, however, non-profits are required to register with the City and renew their license each year. Non-profits are subject to business license processing fees.)
  • You own commercial and/or residential properties for lease in Saratoga
  • Your company manages the commercial and/or residential property leasing responsibilities for the owner of properties in Saratoga
  • You operate a vehicle over the streets of Saratoga for the purpose of pick-up or delivery
  • You are an independent contractor working in Saratoga 

Required Application Forms

Informational Materials