Sheriff's Office

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office West Valley Patrol Division serves the City of Saratoga for law enforcement services. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office has 586 sworn personnel which are assigned to numerous divisions.

Service Area

The Sheriff's Office serves the communities of Saratoga, Cupertino, Los Altos Hills, and the unincorporated areas of the County. The Sheriff's Office also maintains contracts with the Santa Clara County Superior Court, Valley Transportation Authority, and the Santa Clara County Parks Department for law enforcement services.

With a total County population of approximately 1.7 million people, the Sheriff's Office has a service population of approximately 197,000. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office enjoys a positive reputation among law enforcement communities in California and the United States.

School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a Deputy Sheriff from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office that has a wide variety of duties in the City of Saratoga. The primary function of the SRO is to establish and maintain a positive relationship with the schools in Saratoga. The SRO is available as a resource for all members of the academic community.


The School Resource Officer's functions include:

  • Interaction with (and a resource for) the principals, vice or assistant principals, deans, and other administrators of each school in Saratoga.
  • Interaction with (and a resource for) the faculty of each school and encourage teachers to involve the officer in class situations.
  • Interaction with (and a resource for) the school district superintendents and school board members.
  • Attending Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings and being a resource for other parent groups.
  • Addressing students in classrooms, assemblies, and special interest clubs on subjects, directly and indirectly, related to law enforcement.
  • Making him/herself available to discuss personal problems with students and parents.
  • Developing a rapport and camaraderie with all students and groups.
  • Providing stranger danger, bullying/respect, bicycle safety, Internet safety, and Code Red presentations and training at the schools.
  • Working with school officials and parent groups to safeguard the safety of students and staff on and around school campuses.
  • Periodic traffic enforcement around the schools, as well as identifying/resolving school traffic issues.
  • Working with the Juvenile Probation Department to establish and maintain youth programs including peer court, diversion alternatives, truancy abatement and early intervention.