School & Neighborhood Safety Officer

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a Deputy Sheriff from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office that has a wide variety of duties in the City of Saratoga. The primary function of the SRO is to establish and maintain a positive relationship with the schools in Saratoga. The SRO is available as a resource for all members of the academic community.


The School Resource Officer's functions include:
  • Interaction with (and a resource for) the principals, vice or assistant principals, deans, and other administrators of each school in Saratoga.
  • Interaction with (and a resource for) the faculty of each school and encourage teachers to involve the officer in class situations.
  • Interaction with (and a resource for) the school district superintendents and school board members.
  • Attending Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings and being a resource for other parent groups.
  • Addressing students in classrooms, assemblies, and special interest clubs on subjects, directly and indirectly, related to law enforcement.
  • Making him/herself available to discuss personal problems with students and parents.
  • Developing a rapport and camaraderie with all students and groups.
  • Providing stranger danger, bullying/respect, bicycle safety, Internet safety, and Code Red presentations and training at the schools.
  • Working with school officials and parent groups to safeguard the safety of students and staff on and around school campuses.
  • Periodic traffic enforcement around the schools, as well as identifying/resolving school traffic issues.
  • Working with the Juvenile Probation Department to establish and maintain youth programs including peer court, diversion alternatives, truancy abatement and early intervention.