Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is a major concern for the residents of Saratoga, the Sheriff's Office West Valley Patrol Division, and the City of Saratoga. Traffic collisions result in more deaths, injuries and economic loss than all other matters of police responsibility combined. The rules of the road contained in the California Vehicle Code were enacted to promote smooth and rapid flow of traffic and reduce conflict.

Traffic Officers

The Sheriff's Office Traffic Officers are diligent in enforcing traffic laws, and educating the public in traffic safety. They have specialized training in traffic collision investigation, which includes the re-construction of major injury and fatal collisions.

Traffic Safety Commission

The Traffic Safety Commission is comprised of residents of Saratoga who investigate, review, and analyze traffic concerns raised by the public. This includes concerns related to speeding, crosswalks, bicycle lanes, and parking. Community members can share concerns with the Traffic Safety Commission
for review.

Juvenile Traffic Diversion Program

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office along with other Santa Clara County Law Enforcement Agencies have joined together to provide traffic school for youth. This program focuses on juveniles that violate traffic laws, such as not wearing helmets while operating bicycles or skateboards, and pedestrian violations. Juveniles are encouraged to take this informative 2-hour traffic diversion class.

Classes are taught by Deputies and Local Police Officers, and are attended by the ticketed youth, accompanied by a guardian. Rules of the road, information on common traffic violations and bicycle safety are discussed. Participants have the opportunity to hear from a trauma survivor guest speaker who provides a powerful speech. The Sheriff's Office hopes by educating the juveniles on traffic safety, they will be less likely to re-violate thus reducing juvenile traffic involved injuries.

Traffic at Schools

The traffic issues at our schools are always a high priority for the West Valley Patrol Division. The unpredictable nature of children make it extremely important that driver's pay close attention to their surroundings near our schools. Several Sheriff's Deputies are on school traffic safety commissions in order to promote communication between parents, school staff, and students. The City is also developing a Safe Routes to School Master Plan, which identifies improvements that could be made around schools as funding becomes available.