Encroachment Permits

You need an Encroachment Permit (PDF) if:

  • Any structure, object or improvement of any kind or character whatsoever, placed, erected or constructed, either in, under or over any public right of way requires an encroachment permit.
  • If the work consists of replacing or building a new driveway approach it will require an encroachment permit. Typically the property line is 5 feet from the back of the city curb, so any construction outside the property line will require an encroachment permit.
  • An HOA would like to place private security cameras in a public right of way (complete and submit this form (PDF) before completing the encroachment permit application)

The applicant must fill out the permit application and attach 3 copies of a sketch/drawing of the proposed construction.

Mail, email, or fax applications and forms for review and approval to Poh Yee.

After review and approval, the signed encroachment permit application will be returned to the applicant with the standard permit conditions.


Permit Condition
Permanent Encroachment Application Fee $500
Pipes, Drains and Conduits $500
Utility Service Connections $500
Routine O&M work by Utility Agencies $500
Encroachment Permits for Real Estate Open House or Real Estate Office $50
Major Repairs or Capital Improvement by Utility Agencies

• Up to $250,000 • 14% of engineer's estimate *
• Up to $500,000 • $35,000 plus 8% of engineer's estimate * over $250,000
• Over $500,000 • $55,000 plus 7% of engineer's estimate * over $500,000

* Engineer's cost estimate shall be approved by the City Engineer and shall include all items of work. The construction cost shall be cumulative for each utility permit work related to a single project as determined by the City regardless of the number of permits.

Oversize Load Permit

A permit is required for any heavy equipment or structure being hauled on a Public street. The fee for this permit is $25.

Mail, fax or email your application to Poh Yee.