Pavement Management Program (PMP)

The City of Saratoga has a comprehensive pavement management program that the City uses to help identify streets with the greatest maintenance needs. The program uses a software called MTC Pavement Management System and is maintained by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The System provides current pavement network inventory, current network conditions, maintenance recommendations, and a forecasting of the budget needs and funding scenario impact. This information, combined with resident requests and engineering judgment, determines the year-to-year priorities of streets to be included in the annual Pavement Management Program. Through this annual capital project, the City repaves and maintains City streets.

The condition of the pavement is measured in terms of pavement condition index (PCI) and is based on the level of distress observed on the surface. The information on distress is used to calculate the PCI and to rate the condition of the pavement sections on a scale from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating better condition. As of December 2021, the average PCI of City streets was 65, which is a "Good" rating based on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's rating system.

All streets that have been resurfaced with a 2-inch overlay are under moratorium for five years following the resurfacing. View a list of streets currently under moratorium.