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Rishi Kumar

Council Member

Phone: 408.805.5993
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Council Term Ends: December 2022

Rishi Kumar is serving his 2nd term on the City Council. Rishi has applied the hi-tech, innovative  “cheaper, faster, and better” framework to resolve tough community challenges. His priorities are to represent the citizens of Saratoga well, enhance the quality of our life and nurture a thriving, family-oriented community. Rishi is an independent thinker, bringing a unique people-centric flavor to politics, and has no qualms in being the dissenting vote on Council agenda items.

Rishi works full-time in the Silicon Valley hi-tech industry and is a former IBM veteran. He holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Connecticut and is a Ph.D dropout.

Rishi epitomizes Silicon Valley’s problem solving and a getting-things-done approach, never establishment politics. He seeks to be proactive with the challenges people are facing, not the special interests.

When Saratoga’s burglaries spiked in 2016, Rishi helped develop over fifty Neighborhood Safety Watch programs and held over a hundred neighborhood meetings resulting in a drop in Saratoga burglaries. To fight the San Jose Water Company’s frequent rate increases, Rishi developed an app to allow citizens to send rate increase protest emails to the CPUC easily - he has been engaged with the water challenge for more than 5 years now. He was tenacious in pushing back against a Mountain Winery project in a hillside high-risk fire zone that would have disrupted vegetation and wildlife. He has been openly critical of California’s blind drive for more housing without a serious urban plan. He believes that we need housing, but housing development must occur in tandem with infrastructure to build livable and successful communities. 

Rishi’s leadership is about proactive, honest, and transparent communication. He communicates via his “Incredible Saratoga'' google group and tweets (@RishiKumar1). Rishi leads many citizen committees, including the Managed Growth & Infrastructure Concurrency, Safe Saratoga Citizens Group, and Silicon Valley Water Oversight group.

Rishi considers public service an honor and is privileged to serve. The best way to reach him is by sending him an email