Mission & Values Statement

Mission Statement

Provide essential municipal services which protect health, safety and welfare, and satisfy the community’s desires to maintain its quality of life while practicing fiscal responsibility.

Adopted March 1993, amended February 2021

Values Statement

The City of Saratoga strives to maintain a high quality of life for its residents through careful planning and infrastructure maintenance, through activities to build community, and by providing opportunities for extensive citizen participation in community issues. Succinctly, the statement of values for our City is that:

Saratoga is a Community….

Where the common good prevails;

Where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated;

Where the community values, respects, and actively supports the well-being of seniors, families, and people of all abilities;

Where neighbors and community members work together for the common good;

Where the natural beauty of the City and its hillsides is preserved;

Where historic assets are preserved and promoted;

Where value is placed on an attractive, well-maintained and well-planned community with a small town, residential atmosphere;

Where homes and neighborhoods are safe and peaceful;

Where local businesses provide a vibrant presence in the Village and the other commercial areas;

Where desirable recreational and leisure opportunities are provided;

Where quality education is provided and valued;

Where the arts and cultural activities that serve the community and the region are encouraged;

Where government provides high quality, basic services in a cost-effective manner;

Where government values community involvement;

Where leadership reflects community goals; and

Where, because of the foregoing, the residents and the families of Saratoga can genuinely enjoy being a part of and proud of this special community.