Tobacco Retailer License

All businesses located in the City of Saratoga that sell tobacco products, paraphernalia, or electronic smoking devices are required to obtain a tobacco retailer license per City Code 4-90.


  • Electronic smoking devices - electronic and/or battery-operated device the use of which may resemble smoking, which can be used to deliver an inhaled dose of vapors including nicotine or other substances.
  • Paraphernalia - cigarette papers or wrappers, pipes, holders of smoking materials, rolling machines, and any other item designed for smoking or ingestion of tobacco products.
  • Tobacco product - defined as substance containing tobacco or biologically active amounts of nicotine.

License Term

  • 1 Year (New Applications: $105, Renewals: $55)
  • License is non transferable
  • Existing Tobacco Retailers will receive a renewal notice by mail.

License Requirements

  • License must be prominently displayed in publicly visible place.
  • No self-service displays or vending machines for tobacco products, paraphernalia, or electronic smoking devices.
  • No one under the age of 18 years is allowed to sell tobacco products, paraphernalia, or electronic smoking devices.
  • Retailers are required to check the identification for anyone who appears to be under 30 years of age.
  • Violations will be subject to administrative citation procedures (City Code Article 3-30).
    • For the first violation, the retailer will receive a Notice of Violation from the City. This notice serves as a written warning.
    • If the violation is not corrected, the City may issue an administrative citation assessing fines and may make a retailer ineligible to receive a license or suspend/revoke an existing license.