Open Recruitments

Parks and Recreation


  • Must be a resident of the City of Saratoga (not including one position on the Library Commission)
  • Must be a registered voter in the City of Saratoga (not including the Youth Commission)  

Special Qualifications

CommissionSpecial Qualifications
Heritage Preservation
  • One member to be nominated by the Saratoga Historical Foundation.
  • Two members must be trained and experienced in the field of construction and structural rehabilitation, such as a licensed architect, engineer, contractor, or urban planner.
  • One member is nominated by the City of Monte Sereno.
  • Members must be a resident of Saratoga in grades 7-11.

Application Instructions

To be considered for a Commission, applicants must complete an application and submit it to the City before the application deadline. Additionally, applicants must attend a Commission meeting prior to their interview with the City Council.