Paint, place, and post to let the world know that #SaratogaROCKS! Paint your own rocks or borrow a free #SaratogaROCKS kit from the City of Saratoga to get started. Place and find #SaratogaROCKS throughout the community and share your rocks and the ones you find on social media.


Your rock is your canvas! Explore and have fun. Artwork should not contain: political statements; profane or offensive content; or copyrighted or trademarked material. Please include the hashtag #SaratogaROCKS on your rock.

Also, consider participating in the Kindness Rocks Project to inspire random acts of kindness through your rock artwork. Through the Kindness Rocks Project, rocks have been placed throughout the United States and in 7 other countries.#SaratogaROCKS example


After you have completed your masterpiece, place your rock in City landscaped areas, such as around street trees, in City parks, or at the Civic Center. Please do not place rocks on grass to avoid damage to lawn mowers or on street medians. Rocks may also be placed in publicly accessible landscaped areas on other property with property owner permission.


Let the world know that Saratoga rocks! Share photos of rocks you have painted or found on social media using the hashtag #SaratogaROCKS. Also, be sure to check out the #SaratogaROCKS Facebook group!

#SaratogaROCKS Painting Kits

Rock painting kits are available to borrow from the City for free. Kits include everything you need: rocks (maximum 50 rocks), paint, brushes, markers, and sealant. Kits may be reserved for up to 4 weeks at a time. A deposit of $40 per kit is required and will be returned if the kit is brought back on time and undamaged. 

Fill out the online form to request a kit.