Climate Action Plan

The City of Saratoga is in the process of developing a Climate Action Plan (CAP). A CAP is a roadmap with specific strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The State of California encourages all local governments to reduce their community’s emissions 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. Saratoga’s CAP will help focus on activities that reduce the greatest amount of emissions in the most cost-effective way.

Climate Action Plan & 2040 General Plan Update

The City of Saratoga is developing its Climate Action Plan during the process of updating the General Plan. In April 2018, the City of Saratoga began a process to refresh and make minor policy updates to three elements of the City’s General Plan (Land Use, Circulation, and Open Space & Conservation) and format the elements to provide a cohesive document. The updated elements will be combined with the existing Housing, Safety, and Noise Elements to comprise the Saratoga 2040 General Plan. 


Please join us to participate in developing the CAP and creating the Saratoga 2040 General Plan. 

Review Draft

Please read and review the draft City of Saratoga Climate Action Plan.

Small Group Meetings

Would your neighborhood like to discuss the General Plan update and Climate Action Plan? You can help us get the word out by sharing information and organizing a small group meeting with your neighbors or friends. To schedule a Zoom meeting, please contact Nicole Johnson at or 408.868.1209.

Community Meetings

The City held three virtual community meetings on July 29, August 10, and August 25. These meetings were open to everyone and held on various days and times to accommodate different schedules.

Watch Presentation

If you were unable to attend a Community Meeting, watch a recording of the presentation or view the presentation slides.

Share Your Comments

Initial comments on the draft CAP were due by September 7 and will be provided to the Planning Commission and City Council to use during their review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are greenhouse gases?

They are gases in Earth’s atmosphere that trap heat. Human activities are responsible for most of the increase in greenhouse gases. In the United States, the greatest source of emissions from humans is burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation.

What has Saratoga done so far?

Before developing a CAP, the City participated in sustainability programs and installed infrastructure to help reduce emissions. Saratoga receives carbon-free, renewable energy through Silicon Valley Clean Energy, and the City reduced reliance on household natural gas appliances and heating systems through the new Green Building Ordinance.

Community members have helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by:

  • purchasing zero emission vehicles,
  • replacing appliances and upgrading homes and commercial buildings to be more energy efficient, and
  • installing renewable energy systems, such as solar.

What happens after adopting a CAP?

The draft CAP outlines estimated greenhouse gas emission reductions based on projections in the draft 2040 General Plan for housing, job, and commercial development. The City will continue to take steps to implement the CAP and meet the 2030 target, along with exploring other programs and technology to achieve longer-term emission reductions. Saratoga’s CAP will be updated over the years to reflect new State of California targets and programs, as well as new technologies as they become available.

How can you get involved?

Please review the draft CAP and share your feedback. If you would like to host a virtual meeting with your neighbors, City staff would love to attend to share information, answer questions, and receive feedback. You can also submit your comments in writing or verbally at a public Planning Commission or City Council meeting.