Heritage Orchard

Saratoga began as a frontier town and an industrial settlement before becoming an agricultural hub with many fruit orchards and vineyards. From cherries and apricots, to French prunes, Saratoga’s bountiful fruit harvests made it a popular trading post. Saratoga, and the valley as a whole, transformed its identity once again and Saratoga became a residential community. The Heritage Orchard is now owned by the City of Saratoga and is one of the of the few remaining orchards in the Bay Area. It is approximately 18-acres and includes Prune, Apricot, and Cherry trees.

Village Harvest is a nonprofit volunteer organization in Northern California whose mission is to provide food for people in need, promote sustainable use of urban resources, and preserve our agricultural heritage and skills. We organize and coordinate fruit harvesting, and provide education on fruit tree care, harvesting and food preservation. The City now provides Village Harvest with access to the City’s Heritage Orchard to harvest in support of their efforts to engage local community members in the harvesting process and distribute fruit to local food banks aid to those in need. The community is welcome to walk through the Orchard and volunteer for future fruit harvests.