Make it to Muko

Event Information 

The Youth Commission invites you to participate in Make it to Muko! This month-long step challenge encourages community members to track and submit their weekly step counts throughout May 2022. All participants' steps will contribute to the cumulative goal of 12,150,000 steps. This represents how many steps it would take to reach Saratoga's Sister City in Muko, Japan, which is about 5,400 miles away. 

Are We There Yet?

Weekly updates of our progress will be shared and will reflect our progress to Saratoga’s Sister City, Muko! As of Monday, May 9th we have collectively walked 552,051 steps!   

Make it to Muko Step Tracker


Register online for $10 per person by May 6 to collect specially designed pins that represent each check point along the way to Muko. More details will be emailed to registered participants as we approach May 1. Registered participants will receive weekly emails in May including updates, highlights, and any new information. Additionally, we will continually update this page to show our progress towards making it to Muko. We hope that you will join us on our way to Saratoga's Sister City! 

Tracking Steps & Receiving Pins

Participants are responsible for tracking their steps and submitting them weekly. Your contributions will help us reach our cumulative goal of the 12,150,000 steps it would take to walk from Saratoga to Muko, Japan! Some frequently asked questions about tracking steps are included below. 

How do I track and submit my steps?

You can use your favorite step tracking app on your phone or a pedometer to keep track. If you have an iPhone, you can also use your Health app as a way to track steps. Alternatively, we have created a simple daily step tracker worksheet (PDF) to help keep track of your total steps each week.

Registered participants will receive a weekly email (every Monday) including a link to submit the previous week's step count and any photos to share (see below for the selfie theme by week).

How do I earn special pins?

As we reach various check points along the route from Saratoga to Muko, the Youth Commission will reveal the unique pins designed by one of our Youth Commission members. At the end of the challenge, registered participants will receive a lanyard and all of the pins we were able to collect throughout May. 

When will I receive the pins?

At the end of May, dates will be announced to pick up lanyards and pins from Saratoga City Hall, 13777 Fruitvale Avenue, Saratoga. Lanyards and pins cannot be shipped.

Submit Photos to Enter Drawing

Submitting photos is not required for the challenge. It is a bonus activity you can do to enter the drawing and win prizes! Only registered participants are eligible to win prizes, but everyone is welcome to submit photos. Each week, there will be a different-themed selfie challenges. Selfies can be individual or group photos. You will receive details about how to submit photos in the weekly emails to participants during the month of May. Please only submit 1 photo per week, for a chance to win that week’s prize. The Youth Commission will contact winners by email to pick up prizes at Saratoga City Hall, 13777 Fruitvale Avenue.

Weekly Photo Challenge Themes (Optional)

WeekThemeProgress Update
Week 1: May 1 – May 7At your Favorite Park!Submit Steps and Photo!
Week 2: May 8 – May 14Your walking buddy (i.e. friend, family member, pet, etc.)!Submit Steps and Photo!
Week 3: May 15 – May 21Hugging a Tree!
Week 4: May 22 – May 28Selfie with a BEAUTIFUL flower, leaf, or tree you find!
Week 5: May 29 – May 31Smiles – this can be a selfie or with a group!

Suggested Trails to Hike & Earn Steps

  • Joe's Trail
  • Saratoga to the Skyline
  • Montalvo Arts Center
  • Fremont Older Preserve