Traffic Safety Commission Process

  1. Residents must submit a traffic safety concern in writing to have the situation reviewed by the Traffic Safety Commission (TSC). The submittal should provide enough detail to help the Commission understand the situation. Residents can also provide any solutions they believe may help the problem.
  2. After City staff receives the written request, the item will be added to the next available meeting agenda. The TSC meets on the 2nd Thursday of every other month, beginning in January. 
  3. The City's Traffic Engineer will visit the location/site identified as a potential traffic safety hazard and will collect traffic information about the specific area. 
  4. No less than 72 hours before the meeting, City staff will post the TSC meeting agenda and send a copy to all Commissioners. Once they have received their agenda packet, each Commissioner will visit the location to make their own observations. Residents can sign up to receive email notifications when meeting agendas are posted.
  5. At the meeting, the Traffic Engineer will present the item and provide a recommended action if one has been prepared. Residents are then given up to 3 minutes to further describe their thoughts on the issue. The TSC will then discuss the item. At the end of the discussion, the TSC and the Traffic Engineer will provide recommendations on how to respond to the traffic concern. If the majority of the TSC agree on a recommendation, they will ask City staff to begin the process of implementing the recommendation.

You can also view the Traffic Safety Commission Process Flow Chart (PDF)