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Big Basin Way Parklet Adoption Agreement

  1. Adoption Agreement
    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that: I am the owner or authorized signer for the restaurant noted above. I request to adopt a Big Basin Way parklet for the duration of the Big Basin Way Parklet Program to use the parklet for outdoor dining. I agree to furnish the parklet, maintain and clean the parklet and furniture that I have placed in the parklet, follow all applicable State and County rules for restaurants and outdoor dining (including those related to COVID-19) when using the parklet for outdoor dining, conduct all transactions outside of the parklet, allow the public to use the parklet and furniture I have placed in the parklet even if they are not patrons of my restaurant. I have also designated the person noted above as the primary point of contact for the parklet if there are concerns about the use or maintenance of the parklet by the restaurant noted above.
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