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Paint the City 2021

  1. Desired Utility Box Location(s)

  2. Please use the design template for conceptual artwork, available online at At locations where there are multiple boxes, artists may submit more than 1 concept if the artwork is substantially different for each box. Otherwise, only 1 concept per location is allowed.

  3. Electronic Signature Agreement

    By checking the "I agree" box below, I agree to the following. Use of Artwork. On behalf of myself and any members of the group described above, I hereby grant to the City of Saratoga and its authorized agents and employees the right to photograph and otherwise reproduce the Artwork for publicity deemed appropriate by the City in connection with its review and selection of work to be included in the Paint the City program. Unless the Artwork is selected to be used for a utility box, I hereby waive any and all rights to compensation for this use of the Artwork. I authorize the City of Saratoga to my name and the names of other creators of the Artwork in conjunction with the Artwork. Release. On behalf of myself and any members of the group described above, I hereby release the City of Saratoga from any claims or demands associated with the Artwork including, without limitation, the right of privacy or publicity any rights arising from the Federal Copyright Act, including, but not limited to the Visual Artists Rights Act, 17 U.S.C §§106A and 113(d)(“VARA”) and from the California Art Preservation Act, Cal. Civil Code §§ 987 and 989 (“CAPA”).

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